The Right Dog Collar for Your Four Legged Friend

There are some questions up in the air when it comes to dog accessories, such as: “do I have to use dog leads on our walks?”, “should my dog wear a collar?” or “do I need a lead to potty train my puppy?” Whatever your questions may be, this article aims to put some of them to rest. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to be sure you choose the right collar for your particular pup.

Are Dog Collars Necessary?

Dog collars are a helpful tool when you are actively modifying a dog’s behaviour by training it to do anything. Being able to lead or stop your dog easily by holding onto its collar will quickly teach the dog who its master is and what its limits are in different environments.

It should be noted however that a dog collar is not necessary when the dog is sleeping. If your dog sleeps inside and there is little chance of it getting out of the premises, tucked in safely in the dog bed, then give your canine friend a break and take off the collar. That being said, a name tag is not a failsafe for lost pets so getting your dog microchipped is a better option to ensure they always come home.

Dogs love routine, so if you put the collar back on in the morning and attach it to a dog lead in time for a walk the dog won’t put up a fight anytime you take off or put on its collar.

Collars for dogs are best used when they are supervised to ensure their safety and comfort when wearing any kind of accessory.

How Should I Clean My Dog’s Collar?

Different materials require different cleaning techniques and at different intervals. One of the most popular materials for dog collars and dog leads is leather because it is durable, strong and aesthetically pleasing.

Your leather dog leads and collars should be cleaned at least as often as your pooch is. Polyester and other kinds of leashes can be washed with water and soap and left to dry. Leather just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth and can be treated with some leather conditioner if it is looking a bit worse for wear.

The earlier you introduce your dog to the idea of wearing a collar to which a dog lead is then attached, the better. This way training will be a breeze and they are unlikely to put up a fight when it is time to wear either of them.

Be sure the collar isn’t too tight; you should comfortably be able to place two fingers between the dog collar and your pet’s neck. From there all that’s left to do is pick the colour you like and a dog lead to match and walks will be an effortless and stylish event. Contact us should you have any questions regarding your dog’s accessories.