March 30, 2022

Tips To Stay Secure in Your Saddle

If you ever feel like you’re just bouncing around in your saddle and can’t get with the movement of your horse, then we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone! Even if you’re a new rider, you’d be surprised to learn that this is an issue even some of the most seasoned riders deal with. 

Bouncing around in a saddle can mostly be blamed on a rider’s body being out of alignment or off balance. When a rider leans forward with their upper body, they are no longer balanced over the horse’s centre of mass and are more prone to being shaken. The same applies to a rider who sits too far back and has a slouchy posture.

How Do I Keep from Bouncing in the Saddle?

Good body alignment is vital for both balance and mobility. The easiest way to achieve proper alignment is to make sure your body checks off the following things: 

  • A flat back
  • Open chest 
  • Feet under centre
  • Relaxed hip, knee, and ankle joints
  • Dangling upper arm
  • Straight wrists

When we are off-balance, we tighten up in an attempt to maintain our balance. This causes tension, which is also a great contributor to “bouncing.”

If your posture is aligned and your body is balanced and you’re still bouncing in your saddle try the following tips: 

Hit the Gym

Balance, stamina, flexibility, and persistence are all important factors in riding without bouncing around in the saddle. When you’re out of the saddle, jump into the gym. You can do exercises to strengthen your core and create toned and flexible ankles, knees, and hips. Core muscles can be strengthened by doing pelvic circles. Heel and toe raises enhance ankle strength and flexibility, which will help you stay steady when your horse is galloping.

But wait, before you blame your riding skills, have a look at your saddle. The wrong saddle might be a contributing factor to the problem. To ride your best, you need the best. You need a saddle that puts you in the proper riding position. Visit Trident Saddlery to browse our selection of quality saddles and equestrian equipment.