November 13, 2019

Trident Saddles for Every Kind of Horse Rider

Whatever horse riding you partake in Trident has the saddles you need to indulge in your equestrian hobby. We even have raw leather to create whatever you may need including any repairs to your leather horse equipment. This article contains some more information on a few of the Trident saddles available on our website.

General Purpose

Often also referred to as an All Purpose Saddle, this model is suitable for most applications, as the name would suggest. It has a slightly rounded saddle flap without knee pads. This allows the rider to decide to change from dressage to a jumping position.

The fact that it is flexible in its application makes it a popular choice among riders. Thanks to the straighter flaps and stirrup bars located farther back allowing riders to choose how they distribute their weight across the back of the horse without creating discomfort on a pressure point.

This is a great first-time saddle and is only inapplicable if you are after a very specific riding position for a particular application like show jumping.


Also called close contact saddles, these are designed for equestrian jumping with a shorter stirrup to allow the rider increased control and safety while the horse is jumping. The deeper seat also allows the rider to use their knees for more secure riding.

Stockman/Trail Saddles

Stockman or Trail Saddles have been designed to support the comfort of the rider and the horse over long distances. The saddle is focused on the correct fit for the horse and flexibility to accommodate both horse and rider on long journeys.

Endurance Saddles

Endurance racing is a tough sport for both horse and rider so the saddle needs to meet certain standards to ensure both can finish the race comfortably. Endurance saddles are designed to absorb the shock of the rider’s movements on the horse’s back to preserve comfort without sacrificing safety.

Western Saddles

When a Western Saddle is fit properly it includes a cinch for added stability for both the horse and rider. Western saddles are ideal for first-time riders (especially children) because you will likely find your balance quickly when using Western Saddles from Trident.

Feel free to contact us at Trident Saddlery with any questions you may have about Trident Saddles or our other equestrian equipment.