January 23, 2023

What is the Importance of Menu Cover Design?

When we enter a restaurant, we expect two things; amazing food and an experience. While a restaurant is about serving mouth-watering food, it is not enough. We can take the time to make fantastic food at home, but going to a restaurant is supposed to be an outing that excites you. Therefore, the experience is just as important, if not more important that the quality of the food. From the decor to the service, and small details such as your menu covers and design. It all makes a difference to whether a customer will return.

In this article, we will answer the question: “What is the importance of menu cover design”? We will do this by explaining what makes a menu great and why it is important.

What is Important When Designing a Menu?

A menu can either enhance a customer’s experience or can dampen the enjoyment of an evening. Some of the key elements to look out for when designing your menu consist of:

  • A Durable Cover: A menu cover is extremely important as it is the first impression your customer will receive of the menu itself. It is important to select a material that is both durable and luxurious as a menu cover does go through some abuse while it is being used. From drink spills to frequent handling, it will have to remain in good condition despite these circumstances.
  • Laminated Pages: Ensuring that the inner pages of your menu are laminated is important as it is easy to keep them clean and looking professional. The last thing you want is for the pages to show stains or be worn from use.
  • Good Design and Layout: It is important to ensure that the design of your menu matches your restaurant’s branding while being easy to scan through. This will show that your restaurant has put thought into even the smallest of details.

The Best Menu Cover Material

There are a few options when it comes to the menu cover and the materials you can opt for. Some options include wood, laminate paper, or even cork. However, leather is by far the best option you could go for. As a material, leather is luxurious and is very resistant to spills and other messes. It also takes well to frequent handling and will retain its sophisticated look and feel for years to come. Leather can also be personalised with your restaurant’s branding to give it that extra touch of style.

At Trident Saddlery, we are able to customise leather menu covers to ensure your menu makes the best first impression possible on your customers. Contact our team to find out more about our custom leather menu designs.