November 13, 2019

Will a Donkey Make a Good Companion for Your Horse?

Most of us understand that our horses are herd animals. Therefore, they need companions in order to feel safe and to thrive physically as well as emotionally. Aside from a pony or goat pal, donkeys generally make great companions for horses. However, before buying or adopting a new donkey, be sure to test whether your horse reacts well to the idea first. Do so by introducing them to one of these long-eared friends, especially if they have not been in contact with a donkey before. Other than the few individual horses who are finicky about their paddock mates, most horses will welcome these fellow hooved characters into their lives with an open heart, especially after given some time to get used to each other.

Some of the reasons donkeys make such awesome companion pets for horses:

Your Property Will Get its Own Guardian Angel

Donkeys are known to be extremely protective of their herd mates, pasture and, of course, themselves. Due to this protective nature, which stems from their high intelligence, they are often used as “livestock guardians” or “guard donkeys”. Donkeys hate anything unknown to them that enters their pasture, this even includes dogs. Don’t be too surprised if your pooch learns a very quick and terrifying lesson when trying to play with the new donk on the block. Donkeys do not have the same flight instinct as horses, they prefer to face the challenge and fight, by striking at it with its hooves if necessary. Soon, your horses will look at your donkey for reassurance of safety when they are feeling frightened, this means less silly pony antics!

Donkeys Are Less Maintenance than Horses

Although donkeys require quality food, grooming and a regular hoof-care routine, they are generally much easier to maintain than horses. They rarely get sick or have foot issues, and even though they still require quality food, they do not need large portions. Be careful with treats and green grass though, donkeys can quickly become obese which is not good on their joints. Remember to get comprehensive and qualified guidance on what you should be feeding your donkey. All in all, donkeys will generally stay healthier than horses under the same conditions.

Get Yourself a Donkey Bridle and You Have Yourself a Mini Steed

Donkeys also provide great leisurely rides for kids, or they can be hitched up to a small, comfortable carriage to pull some light weight along after them. So, if you’re also looking for a mini steed for your mini family members, get a trained and tamed donkey to provide some holiday fun with relaxed rides in the sun. Equip yourself with a quality donkey bridle, and be sure to get a saddle pad that is comfortable and fits correctly. Donkeys are known for their kind and gentle temperament, and their name for being “stubborn” is simply from them hesitating while using their intelligence to assess a situation carefully.

For quality tack, such as a donkey bridle and bit, as well as great grooming accessoriesTrident Saddlery can help you prepare adequately for your new little hooved friend.