July 25, 2022

Winter Blankets for Horses: How to Choose One

As the weather cools down and we ourselves layer on a few extra blankets at night, it is time to consider what blanket your horse should be sporting this winter. Unfortunately choosing the right blanket for your horse isn’t as easy as picking the first one you see, there are many considerations that should go into your choice.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose winter blankets for horses. 

What is the Best Horse Blanket for Winter?

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to choosing the perfect blanket for your horse this winter. There are many factors that will determine which type of blanket will be more suited to providing your horse with comfort. Some of the factors to consider include: 

  • Climate: Depending on the climate and general weather conditions in your area, you will choose a different type of winter blanket for your horse. For example, if you are located in the Western Cape, you will probably opt for a waterproof blanket as winter is their rainy season. 
  • Day or Night: You will probably invest in two different blankets for the evening and during the day. Your night blanket will typically be thicker to cater for the lack of movement and lower temperatures, while the blanket you use during the day should be lighter to prevent too much sweating and should keep your horse at a constant and comfortable temperature. 
  • Age: As horses age, they typically will lose weight which will make it harder for them to keep warm. This will require you to buy them a thicker blanket that is well insulated. 
  • Condition: The better condition a horse is in, or the higher body fat they have, the easier they will be able to keep themselves warm. Thus, ensure you choose the right blanket according to their weight and body fat. 
  • Breed: Some horse breeds are made to deal well with cold weather, while others are better suited to warm climates. Horses such as Shires are less likely to get cold and thus will need a thinner blanket. 

Horse Blankets for Sale 

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