Leather Menu Covers

We have a range of Leather Menu Covers available manufactured locally.

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Leather Repairs

We do repairs of: Saddles | Girths | Chaps | Chairs and more

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Golf sandbags

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For The Dog

Look after your dog with our dog accessories – we have collars, leads, pet shampoo, dog beds and more. 

Grooming Care & Maintenance

Ensure your horse is well taken care of and groomed for any equestrian event.

Stable Accessories & Equipment

Keep your riding gear in top-quality condition for upcoming equestrian events.

Farrier Equipment

Keep your horse healthy and in tip-top shape with much-needed equine veterinary products.

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About Us

The impressive showroom carries everything and anything a person needs to ride and keep horses. There is a huge range of saddles, bridles, halters, lungeing equipment, riding gear, imported safety helmets, a large selection of books, magazines, bits, fly fringes, harnesses, supplements, cleaning materials and equipment. All English saddle trees are imported from England, where the quality is the very best, but Western and trail trees are locally produced and of a very high standard. All the buckles are also imported, as they cannot be sourced locally.